Women-child repression on the rise

Data source: Bangladesh Police

Crime like women and child repression has increased in four metropolitans of Bangladesh in July. Tow of the six metropolitans, Dhaka and Barisal, witnessed slight decrease in such crime category.

Number of incidents of women & child repression in the capital is three times higher than other metropolitans, though it saw a slight decline in July compared to June.

Dhaka recorded 150 cases of repression in July whereas the number in other metropolitans was below 50.

Data source: Bangladesh Police

When it comes to police range or divisions increase in number of women & child repression cases is noticed all over Bangladesh.

Dhaka, Chittagong & Rajshahi divisions have experienced same rate of increase in such crime.

In July Dhaka division recorded 300 cases of repression which is the highest among the divisions.

Chittagong and Rajshahi recorded more than 200 cases of women & child repression which was just above 150 in June.