July 1-10: Chattogram tops in air quality

Chattogram division: People in the port city experienced healthy air in the first 10 days of July, 2018. Air quality in the district was ‘good’ during the period.

Dhaka division: In comparison to Dhaka dwellers historical acquaintance with ‘unhealthy’ air, first 10 days of July, 2018 offered them more healthy air as the pollution was in a ‘moderate’ level.

Gazipur division: The industrial district where air quality remains either in ‘very unhealthy’ or ‘extremely unhealthy’ state experienced variation in terms of pollution level.

Barishal division: An equal mix of ‘good’ to ‘moderate’ air for the dwellers.

Khulna division: Air quality was ‘good’ in nine days out of 10.

Narayanganj division: Environment department failed to collect/monitor air pollution level here for five days.

Rajshahi division: For seven days out of 10, air pollution level was in ‘moderate’ state.

Sylhet division: Air quality was ‘good’ in most of the days during 1-10 July period.